We leverage our HERO system to create YouTube ads that emotionally move people and turn views into leads and sales for your business. Our strategies are tried and tested across many campaigns.


We partner with businesses seeking to increase leads and sales by creating massively viral video campaigns based on the HERO system for viral video.


We prefer to work with our clients in relationships where we are paid on the results we get.

About Guide Social

We are the first viral video conversion specialists on the planet. Guide Social was founded by Matt Johnston. Matt is a world-renowned expert in viral video online and helped pioneer much of what we now know as the viral video model in contemporary culture at companies like Business Insider, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and NowThis.

Matt created Guide Social to bring his HERO system for viral video to the largely untapped world of YouTube Advertising, as well as viral brand awareness campaigns across all platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. In both cases, Guide Social partners with businesses to create video that leverages emotion, empathy, sales tactics, and shareability that turns into actual leads and sales.

About Us

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