To stand out from the noise in the digital marketing space, it’s important to connect with potential customers in a genuine way. Through video marketing and gorgeous advertising funnels we can help you get in front of your ideal audience in a way that turns them into loyal fans. Telling your story is what we do best. We’re here to help companies change the world in little or big ways.


Using our H.E.R.O. system we produce content that helps you build trust with your audience. This can be by simply providing value videos or creating large social responsibility campaigns. Whether you want to grow organic reach on your social media platforms or create entire ad funnels that nurture audiences into becoming paying customers, our team has extensive training and case studies across platforms.

Connecting to your audiences through emotion is powerful and video is by far the best tool you have for this. We can produce content with what you already have or shoot brand new content depending on your needs and budget. Brands who use emotion in their advertising enjoy much higher returns then their competitors and can even charge more for their products and services. This is because people make decisions with emotions over logic. At Guide Social, we bring genuine, authentic emotion and creative ideas to social media campaigns in our video content.

Animation can be a powerful tool to explain how complicated things work in a simple way. We create animation explainer videos that’ll tell your how-to’s and why’s.

Before most people make a purchase decision, they want to hear experiences from your customers or clients. Testimonials are an essential part of any advertising funnel and they are a great addition to your website. We use unique story-telling techniques in our testimonial videos. Guide Social goes out and gets these video testimonials for you so that you can show people who are considering your products or services that they can be confident in their purchase. 


Facebook ads, YouTube ads and Google ads are our specialities. We set ourselves apart through building creative, empathy-driven ad funnels that connect with audiences and make them loyal fans. Ad funnels aren’t just about selling, but building relationships with your audience before you close the sale.  See what some of our clients have said here.


We’ve ranked several blogs and webpages for our clients in the top 3 search results on Google. We offer full technical and on-page SEO for clients who have WordPress or Shopify websites. We also offer packages for SEO blogs. Our clients enjoy an influx of traffic to their site, attain credibility with Google searches, and get to tell the story of their business to drive leads and sales.


Finding articles on a third party site can help create authority. Guide Social has created a media site,, which focuses on amplifying the voice of innovative and cutting-edge businesses. These articles are guaranteed 15,000 impressions and can be used in ad funnels. It’s just one of the creative ways, Guide Social stays ahead of the curve and helps businesses stay relevant.

We can help shape a customized advertised strategy for your business. Sometimes it can be great to just talk out your ideas and see how we can help. Click the button below to send us a message and we’ll put you into our calendar to listen to your current needs and goals.