What Is the Scale Method?

A Predictable, Data-Driven Approach to Facebook Ads

Here at Guide Social we often talk about our ‘Scale Method.’ I know, mysterious! Indeed there’s a lot going on under the hood of our Facebook Ads Scale Method, but really what it comes down to is a methodical approach we developed that takes our clients beyond simply ‘skin of their teeth’ returns on ad spend and stretches their profitability graph years into the future instead of solely on today and tomorrow’s wins (of course, it gets short term wins as well, but we’ll get into that).

We’ve used this method for all of our recent clients and had great wins. It’s also a deep part of the on-boarding method we engage in when we bring new clients into the agency.

But today I want to demystify the entire process, articulate it, and hopefully get you excited about it! (It certainly excited us when we discovered it).

Two Pillars

There are two major pillars involved in our Facebook Ads Scale Method.
The first is Brand.
The second is Data.
Simple, right? Ideologically, at least, yes.
While the scale method can be complex at times in execution, it’s conceptually simple. The Scale Method’s core aim is to grow these two pillars like seeds into tall, towering trees.
To keep the metaphor growing, just as trees might, their branches get entangled up top, and roots entangled underground, and as that happens, they two trees feed off each other and become symbiotic.

Our scale method is simply the process of growing these trees.

Pillar Number One: Brand

We decided very early on in the agency, because of our backgrounds in content working at big name publisher brands like Business Insider, NowThis, and New York Magazine, that there was no way we could ignore Brand (yes, with a capital B) like many other digital agencies do. It’s just too important.
Why? It seems obvious when you articulate it, but you might be surprised to find out that brands are far too often ignored in this day and age. Our core belief is without a brand you don’t have a business, even if you are generating revenue right now. Because any gains you’re getting now will be as ephemeral as a raindrop. Perfect-looking in its descent, but all but lost to the sea of rain when it’s short journey from its cloud has ended.
And, flowery language aside, brands make you more money today, tomorrow, and for years to come. That is, if they are built, adhered to, and strong.
So how does this all factor into our Facebook Ads Scale Method? Simple, we focus hard on building strong relationships between leads/prospective buyers, and the business. And we do this through content.
Largely through blogs and videos that we run directly in the Facebook feed to audiences who have a chance to become customers and even loyal brand fans.
And the most beautiful part of this? These videos are not trying to sell anyone anything. They are pure value.
Why? Would you rather buy from a company you know nothing about, and who makes no effort to tell you what they’re all about, or a brand who has gone out of its way to build a relationship with you and added value to your life without asking anything in return? The latter.
Does that mean we don’t do direct response advertising? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do plenty, but we warm up the audience intensively through content either before, or simultaneously with the direct response.
There is no better way to connect with your customers than video, so we work with our clients to help them produce 5-7 short, easy to make, low lift videos and/or Facebook lives that we can run very cheaply in the feed, a tactic we learned from mentor Curt Maly at Social Media Ad Genius.
The end user experience is that some of the time, customers will see a piece of sponsored content adding pure value from your brand, and every so often they will also see a call to action. As a result, they are much more likely to convert, and be more qualified leads to your business when they do.

Take a look at how this works in practice within a typical Facebook Ad funnel we build.

As you can see, after qualifying the cold audience at the Top of Funnel, we move them into a retargeting phase in the middle of the funnel which is running videos and blogs to nurture prospects and build relationships, while also giving them an opportunity to become customers.
Let’s be honest here, would you rather scream BUY NOW BUY NOW!!! at your prospective buyers, or flood them with value? That’s what this pillar of the Scale Method does.

Pillar Number Two: Data

Now you’ll definitely see plenty of conversions this way, in fact, that’s the main way that you are getting your early conversions in and if the product is market-tested, we should see nice profitability at Middle and Bottom of Funnel here.
But there’s a secret process happening in the background, and it is very powerful! That other tree, planted just a bit later than the first, has started to grow. Data.
Data is power in Facebook advertising because it gives us the freedom to explore new avenues of the funnel through our pixel.
In case you aren’t aware of what a Facebook pixel is, it’s a little piece of code you put on your website, which allows you to track folks as they visit you so you can remarket to them on Facebook.
That’s how we move people through the funnel, by building custom audiences of these people based on their specific actions and speaking to them where they are in the process of becoming a customer.
But the pixel holds so much more than remarketing data, in the Scale Method, the pixel becomes the complete information hub for your business. Information that can be leveraged to sharply scale your business.
What’s so amazing about how these two pillars work together is that the content we use in the Brand pillar gives us much richer data than an ad campaign that uses no content. Why?
Let me explain is this way: Is it more valuable to know that someone simply clicks over to your website, or that they clicked over to your website, and read something you wrote for 5 minutes, or watched a video of you speaking for 3 minutes on Facebook.
The reading and watching, right! Not only can we re-target people based on the data we get from the content consumption, but – and this is the most crucial piece to the Scale Method – we use that data to create Lookalike audiences to swing back to the Top of Funnel so we can tell Facebook exactly who to look for.
This can scale profitability as well as shorten the funnel (because you’ll often start seeing a lot more purchases happen within shorter conversion windows).
And as more data gets accumulated over time, the stronger the pixel gets, and the stronger and more scalable the funnel gets. All the while, strengthening your brand in critical ways.

It creates a data feedback loop that strengthens brand and sales funnel simultaneously.

How the Pillars Grow Together

As these two pillars grow together, they build a strong foundation for both a sales funnel and a brand.
How is this better than traditional methods of Facebook advertising? Because it takes the classically effective pieces of it (testing, qualifying, direct response), and marries it with a nurturing and data collection process which is unique and has the capacity to build brand loyalty and getting sales at the same time.
The Scale Method is no less concerned with conversions than any other method of running Facebook Ads. We care deeply about conversions, at the end of the day we all want more conversions.
But what we are concerned with is helping our clients build a brand that lasts for years and can continue to be profitable for years. It sets us apart and it gives our clients something they will be extremely hard pressed to get at 98% of other digital marketing agencies on the planet.

Shoot me an email if you have questions! I’d love to chat: matt@guidesocialglobal.com

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